British indie rocker Fosteur releases new album ‘Inner Screen’

The Brit-pop infused indie rock project known as Fosteur have released their latest LP album, “Inner Screen.” It contains nine original Fosteur tracks for an approximate total listening time of 40 mins. It has been proudly published as an independent release without the involvement of the corporate music industry on the Fosteur Records music label. Bringing a nonchalant coolness 21st-century music doesn’t often exhibit, “Inner Screen” introduces Fosteur as one of the most intriguing rock projects of the year so far.

Northampton, UK’s Fosteur cites as main artistic influences Rush, Sting, K’s Choice, Genesis, Pineapple Thief, Steven Wilson, Queen, Blof, and David Bowie. Their label describes the project as “a British indie studio band, not quite pop, not quite rock. Sometimes both — and sometimes something else entirely.” With an emphasis on its own slick style and intuitively evocative songwriting, “Inner Screen” by Fosteur has a little something for everybody.

The present “Inner Screen” release is the latest addition to Fosteur’s growing repertoire which includes the “Pure Stream” and “Diatopolis” LP records, both 2020 and available online worldwide. Speaking of the inspiration to record a third album, Fosteur says, “I was born with an anomaly in my brain which eventually caused seizures and finally a stroke where I lost control of my left arm and leg. I slowly regained control, but it has never been perfect. I felt an urgency to create something just in case something goes wrong again.”

Asked to describe the overall theme of “Inner Screen,” Fosteur talks about “reflections on suffering, delusion and our hidden loving nature.” Their “Inner Screen” album is dichotomous, starting with three standalone Fosteur songs before launching into a mini-concept album consisting of six interrelated tracks. Writes Fosteur about the six-song storyline:

“They’re a story about a man who lives many lives. His real home is Elysium but he incarnates to find experience as different types of people. He finds physical life very difficult and loses hope at times. However, he slowly grows and gradually sees behind the ‘masks’ people wear. He finds that he loves people despite how they hurt him and actually embraces the cruel world. He feels somewhat isolated because others don’t understand what he understands. After his final incarnation he returns to Elysium, healed and strong. And satisfied.”

It’s an analogy to which listeners may relate, or by which one may even learn.

“Life is a school,” Fosteur says, “purposely difficult but to be embraced. We judge our own actions on our ‘Inner Screen’ between lives before our final triumphant return home to Elysium and unconditional love.”

And what wishes do Fosteur have for their new record?

“I would hope that people might take time out to reflect on their own lives – there are so many distractions, and we never get around to taking a peek at the stage we find ourselves in.”

“Inner Screen” by Fosteur on the Fosteur Records label is available from over 500 quality digital music stores online worldwide now. Get in early, indie rock music fans.

– S. McCauley

Lead Press Release Writer

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